Finding Joy, Is it hard?

Apparently there are people that believe they have the right to tell others who to like, who to be friends with and feel they have the power to threaten them with losing a job or perhaps the fear of isolation not only in the workplace but also in their personal life.  In short a workplace bully.

It has always been my understanding that as an American Citizen I have the right to befriend anyone I please and to speak or write how I feel and these things are protected by the constitution of the United States of America.  These are the rights that our military so fiercely fights for on a daily basis since the beginning of our nation.

My question then becomes-How do you find joy in a place that tolerates the bully? I will admit my feelings were a bit walked on at first when I was unfriended by people in my workplace, but then I realized I really don’t know those people. I don’t hang out with them on the regular. I don’t trust them with my most private of feelings or joys for that matter. I do not rock their children to sleep at sporting events or drive long distances with them to pick up new four legged family members.  They know nothing of my life and I really know nothing of theirs. What I do know is those who chose to live as bullies have no place in my world. I find my joy outside of those walls. I find joy in holding a baby piglet, snuggling with my Jake and Furgie, spending time with my children, my husband, my family and my most treasured friends (near and far).  Bullies beware…I have a very cold shoulder!

First blog post

My first blog, hmmmm…you want to know what my blogs will be about. First, I wanted a place to jot down my crazy thoughts!  Thoughts like why does my local grocery store now only carry Moscato and Reisling wine in the chiller?  What happened to a nice Sauvignon Blanc or a nice Chardonnay? Why only the cheap sweet wine?  Even after I’ve asked on a daily basis for them to consider putting other more drinkable wines in the chiller. Ugh! Is it so hard for a girl to want a nice bottle of chilled wine after a hard days work?  Answer:  Clearly it is! On that note, why do people say Ax when they really mean ask?  Co-worker says “I axed him…” and in my head I’m thinking Dear God tell me she didn’t murder someone in the lobby!  I’m not in the mood to clean up that mess today.

Second, I wanted a place to write about my life experiences great, good, so-so, bad, and downright ugly. A place to just throw it all out there and not care.  A place to be funny/serious/sad/mad/amazed/in awe/annoyed/over-joyed…whatever! Some place to be who I am and like who I am and how my mind works!

And maybe, just maybe inspire someone else to do the same.